Red Moon

I’ve died atleast 7 times.. I rise on the third day everytime.

Hair: Yomi-Aura Hair
HairPins: Chaos– Axxassin Hairsticks
Tentacio-Estela Pin
Earrings: Promagic-Asha (Anthem Event)
Voluptas Virtualis– Dixon
Top: PlushStudios– Nia Top
Holster: Salem– Winona Holster
Bottom: Miss Chelsea– Addi Flares
Cardigan: Lunar-Sati Cardi
Tattoo: Nuuna– Neta
Nose Cuff: Noir/Blaque Republic– Awaken Her
Katana: Nani&Eliavah- Kunoichi- Katana 1 (Older Gacha)

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