New Faces Part 1- Willow

skinfair Willow

This is my part 1 of my New Faces series for their Skin Fair releases.

Willow.. oh how beautiful you are lol.. I love the lips and the beautiful button nose on this skin.

Plus i’m in love with the mocha tone it’s just sexy as hell.

NewFaces Willow


Hair: Tableau Vivant- Faux Dreads ( The Secret Affair)

Dress: Rowne– Odiele Leather Dress

Headpiece: Lagyo– Mave headpiece

Earrings: Lagyo- Mave earrings

Necklace: Shi.- Evra Pendant

Scar: Adored- Tough Stuff Scar

Eyeshadow: Fiore- Viena Extreme Shadows ( Skin Fair 2015)


Scarf: Dead Dollz – Abandon Scarf ( The Secret Affair)

Bottom: Lethal Couture– Grecian Skirt

Face Tattoo: Arise- Apo ( The Secret Affair)

Earrings: Lagyo– Sisko

Necklace: Paper Couture– Cheetah’s Pride


Hair: Rowne– Freja

Dress:.Shi– Toga Dress

Earrings: Goucci- Silver Pear ( N/A)

Necklace: Tableau Vivant: Fringe Leather Collar( The Secret Affair)

On all 3

Skin: New Faces- Willow ( Skin Fair 2015)

Eyes: Marina

Freckles/moles: N/a Dutch Touch


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