Casual Afternoon to Evening Dates


On an afternoon date with your partner in crime. Hair up , light makeup ( Simple Gloss) and a bag

small enough to hold or swing over your shoulder. Incase there will be a lot of walking wear flats or a shoe with a low heel.

Early Date

Mikey L.

Hat: Entent- Fluer Fedora

Shirt: Arai- Denim Shirt ( n/a)

Shorts: Ronsem– Rolledup Jeans

Shoes: Deco– Mesh Classic Sneaks


Linx L.

Hair:Boon– Aan330 ( New)

Skin: Fiore– Latte

Outfit: Zenith – Romper with Belt (Kustom 9)

Shoes: CandyDoll- Granny Flat(Kustom 9)

Bag: Faenzo -Leather Shoulder Bag

Sweater: Coco– Sweater Over Shoulder

Earrings: Paper Couture– Circle Dots

Necklace: Yummy: Guardian Charms


For Evening, Take the hair out the braids and keep the outfit just as simple with a

few more statement pieces ( jacket and bag).

Also, throw on a shoe that will make you slightly taller, so you can reach when he goes in for a kiss.


Linx L.

Hat: Lamb

Hair: Milana– Ariana

Top: Tres blah– Half Tucked Tee

Bottom: Maitreya– Boyfriend Jeans

Shoes: Co 57- Solange Sandal ( New)

Jacket: Coco– Biker Jacket over Shoulder

bag: Pixicat– LipBag

Skin & necklace same as look 1.

Mikey L.

Beanie- TSAD– Silence Beanie

Shirt: BlankLine– Sweat Shirt

Pants: Pumpkin- Tight Pants

Shoes: Nikotin– SplitRock ( Rare)

9 thoughts on “Casual Afternoon to Evening Dates

  1. hello , i woul love to know where i can get the male 3d beard, and the tattoo beard if its from diffrend pack ^^

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