You’re the boss of me

FantasyRoleplayA few events are going on that I just couldnt help but to buy everything up.

Here are a few items I fell in love from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and We ❤ Roleplay.

Plus, I really missed blogging.


Linx Lysette 1 

Hair: SpellBound- Serenity ( EB Awareness Event) 

Skin: Fiore– Latte

Bodysuit: Beusy-Fluor Suit

Mask: Aisling- Fangarth Mask Rare ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Cuffs: Random Matter- Wysteria cuffs ( we ❤ Rp) 

Bracelet: Alchemy – Huntress Onyx ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Shoulder/chin: Alchemy- Ritual ( we ❤ Rp) 

nosechain: Zaara – Ayanna ( we ❤ Rp) 

Bodychain: Foil- Fine 3rd bead

Linx Lysette 2 

Hair:Little Bones- Moon Child( Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Skin: Fiore– Latte

Bodysuit: Beusy– Fluor Suit

headpiece: Pure Poison- Caprici Headdress Rare( Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Necklaces: Shi – Ravel Fabric Necklace ( Group Gift)

Staff: Aisling- Fangarth Sceptre Rare( Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Feet Jewelry : Pure Poison- Gold Oriental ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival) ( for Medium Slink)

Face Makeup: HandVerk- Marcial Face Paint

Arm Cuff: Forge

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