New Age Pimps


A few new items from Collabor 88 and Jewelry & Accessories Expo..

Also, enjoy my attempt to make snow.


Linx Lysette Look 1

Hair: Dela– Deborah (New)

Skin: Glance– Sigrid

Lipstick: Skin Shop- Jetset ( New)

Vest: Ison- Raw Hide vest (New/Collab88)

Top: Ryvolter – Bek Silk Draped Blouse ( New)

Bottoms Villena-H/W Leggings

Shoes: Ison– Two Tone Wedges

Sleeves: MG- Fur Bolero

Shades: Sorgo- Sawn (New/J&A Expo) 

Bag: Zenith– Black Ostrich

Gloves: .Shi-Fingerless Gloves

Look 2

Skin: Fake– Violet

Jumpsuit: Celoe- Audrey

Vest: Ryvolter – Uma Fox Fur Cape ( New)

Shoes: Co57– Jhene Platform ( New)

Clutch: Meisu- Gatsby Clutch ( New)

Glasses: Yummy – Mom Glasses

Necklace Gizza- Peacock Necklace ( New/ J&A expo)

Earrings: Lethal Couture– Lion Door Knockers ( New)


Hair: Lamb-Shelia (New/ Collab88)

Jacket: Monso-My Baseball Jacket

Shirt: XiaJ– 666 Tee

Skirt: Emery- Midi Skirt Elle ( New/Fameshed)

Shoes: C057mei- Sylvia

Beanie: The Vault– 1990

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