Revanche- AFW’13



Avenue’s Fashion Week  opened earlier today ❤  and

one more day till the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

On Both Avis:

SKin: The Skin SHop– Pussy

Hair: Vive Nine- Bruna ( no longer Available)

Dress: Revanche-Kim K studded ( AFW)

Shoes: Leverocci– PeepToe Ankle Boots

Necklace: Gabriel- Curb Necklace

Clutch: Ison- Clutch (Collabor 88) 

Hair: Liquence-F3

Blazer: Goucci/Steffen Garcia– Tendance

Dress: Revanche-Aysha B Bandage Dress ( AFW)

Shoes: Revanche- Privileged Wedge (AFW)

Headpiece/Nose ring: Aisling-Xanthe (Fantasy Gacha Carnival) 

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