I hope you’re not Lying about that


Late night snacking and self appraisal ❤ with Evie  Noir.


Evie Noir ( owner of Co-57)

Hair: Dura– Moca ( Modded)

Jacket: Teefy- Faux Fur Coat ( Collabor 88) 

Top: Co57- Celine Crop ( Not Available)

Bottom: House Of Fox– Mesh Leather Leggings

Shoes: H.C.- SHaron

Earrings: Ryca- Stud Square

Necklace: Gabriel– Curb Chain

Bag: Ddl– The One

Glasses: Glam Affair- Vintage Sunglasses( Collabor 88) 

Linx Lysette

Hair: Taketomi-Kurumi

Skin: The Skinnery-Ming (new)

Jacket: Emery-Hollywood

Top: Ratchet– Heron Royal Tiger

Bottom: Ison-razzle pleated pants ( Collabor 88)

Shoes: Ddl-Don’t Know Why ( new)

Glasses: Dossier-Uffie

Bag: Faenzo- Sookie (new)

Watch: Faun-Cartiea ( The Black Fair)  

Tied Shirt: Sey– Maki

Lipstick- The Skin Shop- Luscious


6 thoughts on “I hope you’re not Lying about that

  1. Hey I wanted to know for the Ming skin what shape are you using?
    And for the pussy skin can you wear lipsticks,eyeliner ect that dosent come from the store?

    • Hi, for Ming, I’m just wearing my personal shape that I always wear on my posts.. and With the Pussy skin, I adore them with it’s normal lipsticks, but I’m sure you can wear them with others, same goes for eyeliners.

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