We Aren’t Perfect, But That’s Okay


Dressed in Aztec, Rio and Linx walk arm in arm around the carnival… trying out all of the gatcha machines.

The Arcade is what it’s called and it’s an event they both look forward to!

Already sporting a few items from the festival, the two munch on the fresh popcorn they’ve bought from a vendor.

Walking past the myriad of machines, the two approach two machines… Emery and The Skinnery.

What will they get?



Top: Emery – Crop T-Shirt Aztec – Black (The Arcade)

Pants: COCO – Tapered Pants – White

Shoes: Maitreya – August Ankle Boots – Lion

Bag: Cashmere & Keane – Pyramid Purse – Grayscale – 2

Bracelet: Cashmere & Keane – Pyramind Watch – Rose Gold

Hair: Truth – Edith – Fades – Frappuccino

Skin: The Skinnery – Poppi – Love Bites – Toffee (The Arcade)

Linx Lysette

Hair: Sugarsmack– Dolicia

Skin: The Skinnery- Poppi ( The Arcade)

Top :  Emery-  Crop  Aztec  ( The Arcade)

Bottom: Emery- Running Shorts ( The Arcade)

Shoes:  Monso– My Combat Boots

Socks: Frankie- Cat Socks

Necklace: Mandala-Katakori

Bag: Ddl– The Talented Mr.  Bear

tatt: Boss Tattoo- Teorewai 

Lips: Soiree– Dew

Glasses: MOns– Round SUnglasses

Bracelet: Yummy– Native Daydream


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