I Don’t Want Easy, I Want Crazy



Two crazy gals dressed in hunter green are seen running wild and free away from the cops.

They’ve just robbed Salazar of his coke stash, and now they’re running away to Peru!

Salazar sent his goons after them, but they are too far ahead.

Rio and Linx are sitting on a private jet, sipping mimosas and eating Waffle House.

Laughing into the sunset, the two get ready to embark on another adventure… with 100 kilos of pure cocaina.



Shirt: Cold Logic – Keleti – Linen

Pants: House of Fox – Briston Trousers – Green

Shoes: TokiD -Destiny Loafers – Cheetah

Glasses: Slug – ClubMaster Shades – Black

Necklace: RYCA – Inspired Lion – gold

Bag: Goucci – V-Leather Sash Hobo – Scarlet

Skin: The Skinnery – Poppi – Bare Face – Toffee (The Arcade)

Lipstick: Shakeup! Cosmetics – Sessie Lip Gloss – L126 Reds

Hair: Taketomie- Emi- Browns

Linx Lysette

Hair: Boon-Kcp393

Skin: The Skinnery- Poppi ( The Arcade)

Top: Chemistry– Echo Tank

Undershirt: Illmatic– Motel body Jumper

Bottom: Milk Motion– Vintage Denim Shorts

Cardigan: Milk Motion- Classic Caridgan

Shoes: N– ankle moccasins

Glasses: Villena- Smiley Face Cross Eyed ( slfw)

Piercings: Mandala-Okaki

Bag: Milk Motion– Fringe Bag

Headband: Mons– Hippie Chain

Freckles: Tres Blah :3

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