Head of the Class


This time we have Professor Rio and Student Rio. Student Rio is pissed the hell off! She can’t believe it! She’s flabbergasted! Student Rio got an A-!!! Student Rio storms off to Professor Rio’s office to “discuss” her grade.

Professor Rio looks up, mildly surprised, as Student Rio flings her office door open. Student Rio storms in, yelling “How in the HELLLLLLL did I get an A-?!?!?!”. She continues to yell, “YOU GOT TO CHANGE THIS! RIGHT DAMN NOW!”

Professor Rio studies Student Rio for a moment, letting her air out all of her frustrations. Once, Student Rio finishes, Professor Rio calmly pushes away from her desk. As she rises, Professor Rio brushes a few lint balls off her skirt before she walks around her desk. Professor Rio gets nose to nose in Student Rio’s face, and whispers menacingly,

Get. The. HELL. Out. Of. My. Office.”

Student Rio squeaks and stumbles out of the office as Professor Rio chuckles at Student Rio’s antics.


Rio 1

Hair: Diva – Mayumi 3 – Citrine (Collabor88)

Coat: Ur Favorite One – Neck Warmer Coat – Coral (Collabor88)

Pants: Fanatik – Leather Leggings – Gray (FaMESHed)

Shoes: Ur Favorite One – Toe Point Flat Shoes – Red Leopard (Gatcha Event/Unavailable)

Bag: Leverocci – Glossy Leather Handbag – Red

Gloves: Nadia – Long Leather Gloves

Rio 2

Hair: Elikatira – Abbey – Essentials Collection – Brown 08

Lipstick: Shakeup! Cosmetics – Linx Lipsticks – L107T

Blazer: Ison – One Button Blazer – Leopard

Shirt: Izzie’s – Bow Tie Blouse – Red

Skirt: Lethal – Olivia Pencil Skirt – Coal (SL Fashion Week)

Earrings/Bracelet: Yummy – Sofia Set

Bag: House of Fox – The Roman 2.0 – Nautral

Shoes: House of Fox – Carla Pumps – Brown (Coming Soon! 2/13/2013!)

Special thanks to Momma Paqoia! Love you!

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