You Never Let Me Miss You


Spotted!! The Pearls & Pistols girls are on their way

to the Dance studio, to meet up with their sister, Aoki Parker . Ready

to learn choreography and twerk for the sl gods, they come prepared with “comfy clothes”

and wine color lips ❤ ..

❤ Linx & Rio

Dance Class

Rio Katana

Body Suit: House of Fox – Long Sleeve Unitard – Wine

Scarf: TresBlah – Wrapped Scarf – Webbed

Shoes: Celoe – Amae Sandals – Biscotti

Shades: DDL – Ay! Ay! Ay! – Black on Black

Earrings: FuLo – Gigi Earrings – Black

Bag: Ison – Kabuki Crocodile Tote – Bronze

Hair: Truth – Cece – Light Browns – Walnut

Lipstick: Pink Acid – Elegant Lipstick – Merlot

Linx lysette

Hair: Taketomi-Willy ( new)

Skin: Cashmere– Robyn

Top: Ur Favorite Ones- Gumong

Bottom: House Of Fox– Skater Dress

Shoes: Vive Nine- Rita boot

Bag: Mons– Cute Hand bag ( old tdr item)

Belt : Lagyo– Cross Belt

Necklace: Glow Studio- Heavy Spikes

Glasses: DDL- Here Comes The Sun

Eyebrows: Just Magnetized– Brows

Lipstick: Glance– Lana – Matte Lip 10

Headband: Fashionably Dead– day dream Flowers ( old Collabor 88)


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