Queen Of the Night

Rio, an international superstar singer, has hired Linx to be her bodyguard.

Linx is contracted from the Secret Service,

because Rio has been receiving hate mail and death threats because of her status.

As Rio prepares to take the stage, a crazed fan starts to grab at her and pull her away.

Using her ninja senses, Linx instinctively knocks the crazy person to the ground,

picks Rio up, and runs with her through the crowd to her limo waiting outside.

Linx looks at Rio and says, “You have to be more careful”. Rio flips her hair and replies, “That’s what I hired YOU for!”.  



Neck Piece: House of Fox – Una Holster (New F/W)

Dress: House of Fox – Gia (New F/W)

Shoes: PaperBag – Riveted Wedge – Cheetah (Lyfe of Style)

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Morgan – Wild Honey (faMESHed)

Shades: Co57 – Chanel Paris Logo Shades – Black

Earrings: Maxi Gossamer – Monaco Nights – (faMESHed)

Ring: Saturdays – HanC Pyramid Ring – Silver

Tattoo: Freaks & Geeks – Religious HD Tattoo

Linx Lysette

Hair: Burley-Ethan

Skin: Glance- Lana

Mask: Mysitc Canvass– Mask

Top : House Of fox – push up Bra

Bottom: House Of fox– Lola Shorts

Boots: Ison– Carazon boots

Katana: Kouan– Katana Final Degaine

Tattoos:  Sleepy Bozer– Devil wears Prada

Shoulder Piece: House Of fox – Armed


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