Skullz & Spotz


They’re on the way to the club. They might dance like skrippas. 

One shot, two shots, three shots, four. Five shots, six shots, seven shots, FLOOR!

Skully necklaces and spotted pants, can’t tell them nothing.

Lysette and Katana are all out of fxcks to give.




Linx Lysette

Hair: Boon– Wm0003

Skin: The Body Co-Ylang Ylang

Top: Chemistry-Echo Tank Top

Jacket: Tokid-Summer Nights Cardigan

Bottoms: Into Dust- High Waisted SHorts

Socks: Imbue-SHock Stockings

Shoes: Vive9-Prey Boots

Necklace: Mg-Love Rocker

Lipstick: Vive9-Petra Lips-702

eyeliner: Fleshtone-Nightstark Eyeliner

Bag: Mr. Poet-Leather Backpack

Rio Katana

Hair: 69 – Keri – Chestnut Collection – Chestnut

Jumpsuit: Ricielli – Jumpsuit One Shoulder (The Dressing Room)

Shoes: Peqe – G Wedges – Black

Shades: SHADE THRONE – Blues Explosion – Black

Earrings: Paper Couture – Studded Gold Circles

Nails: Mandala – Milky Nails – Sun Gold

Ring: Paper Couture – Leather Blossom Ring

Clutch: Lethal Couture – The Everything Clutch – Lime

Lipstick – Glamorize – Sydd Lips – Lime

Lipgloss: Glamorize – Simply Glossy – 04

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