NdeLove Seoul

❤ Him..

Linx Lysette

Hair: Lamb– Frosti- Twix

skin: Redgrave-Suzu-Pale

Top: Chemistry– Zoe Sweater

Bottom: Milk MOtion– Transparent Long Skirt

SHoes: Coco– Oxford shoes

Glasses: Yummy– ROund SHades

Bag; MOn Tissu– ENvelope Clutch – Orange

Simplicite– Skull Earrings

Neclace DDL-Panic Switch- Gold

Mikey Lerintzo

Hat: Theosophy – Waterbeck Hat Plain

Hair: Burley– Sofian

Glasses: W – Faux Wood Aviators

Necklaces: Blessed– Classic Figgaro Chain & Vintage

SHirt: SHeep DOor– CHeck Shirts Red

Belt: NOtSoBad– Mungo Belt

Jeans: NOtsoBad– Mungo Jeans

Shoes: Z3-Vans Canvas- Coal

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