Slum Village

 Spotted! My, my, my.

Is it just me or did it feel like everything was cool and calm

and then all of a sudden BAM, shit got cray?

Well, thank goodness for that. Because really, cool and calm is trés boring.

Stalker!Stalker!Stalker Alert! These girls stop at nothing to get what they want,

Even if it means taken the subway to Brooklyn to meet with there connect.

Hey! When trustfunds are gone all a girl is left with is the streets..

Lets hope these two don’t get caught…

Because if they do Jimmy Choo’s and Prada handbags will no longer be there biggest decisions…

Till next time xoxo

Jada Kola

HAT-Bless– Bulls Special edition “Floral”-snapback

HAIR-vive nine :. Ironed in Jet (deeproots)


toothpick palito de dente “CS”

Bracelet-WRP Gold [R]

TATTOOS-Wicked tattoo kat’s ink dark ink

 TSG-I See You Tee

 AMERIE – Mesh skinny (Denim Blue)

Amerie underpants_01

[z3] 6s Carmines

 Dekade bridget lipstick 04

Vive9-Liquid Liners – Thin – Black

SKIN-Glance lola black brow Layer

EARRINGS-p.c; Studded Gold

 “TSG” GeekGasm: Mario Nails Shroom

 Aitui – Lip Ring

 Lil Nose piercing

Linx Lysette

Hat: Entente– slouch Beanie

Hair: Raw House– Sonny-Long DkBrown

SKin: Laq– VIlda- Peach (still my fav of all time)

Top: balkanik-PhotoPhillia ( mesh)

Bottom: Tres Blah-Juju Jeans-black Lace

Jacket: Sey-Maki2 -red

Glasses: (w) Never Lose Em Readers

Socks: Maitreya-Scrunched SOcks

Shoes: Adorn-Dark Nights (mesh)

 Tattoo: Freaks & Geeks-Religious Tattoo ( Narcissus Room)

L. Fauna -Dimples

3 thoughts on “Slum Village

    • Heyy Steph, Jada’s skin is from Dream Ink, I dont know what the name of the skin is, Jada is no longer part of Pearls and Pistols.. but i’m sure if you hit her up inworld she would love to help Jada Kolda is her name.

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