I feel Lovely, Just the way I am.

Suicide accounts for about one percent of all deaths in the United States each year . During the last two decades suicide rates among teenagers has increased three hundred percent. Every ninety minutes a teenager in the United States commits suicide and every nine minutes a teenager attempts suicide. About one hundred and twenty-five adolescents commit suicide in one week and one thousand will try during that week . Every year 30,000 Americans will commit suicide. Depression is one of the most treatable mental disorders, and one of the under diagnosed and under recognized. Suicidal behaviors occur as a response to a situation that the person views as overwhelming.

We all undergo situations on and off Secondlife that often shake us to our core and leave us with thoughts to injure ourselves or others. Lastnight was a very hard not for just Pearls and Pistols but for all of Secondlife. As you all may or may not know we lost Jared Jharls, One of the Creators of  House of Fox. HOuse of fox is one of the most popular stores on the grid, known for its chic and trendy clothing. Jared committed suicide. Our prayers go out to all his family and close friends on Secondlife. I remember meeting Jared last year during a event and one thing I can say about him was he was so kind and down to earth, Full of life. Comes to show you we never know how our actions or words can affect someone. As young adults we need to learn how to love one and other and accept all our flaws and differences as well as the similarities. This is something myself or Linx Lysette will never forget. We also want to extend ourselves to anyone that needs to talk or just needs to vent, Our IMS are always open we are very friendly and would love nothing more then to help those in distress. Lets remember Jared as the funny talented person that he was, May he rest in peace. We thank you all for your support and your love. -Pearls and Pistols
In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

-They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it. Death cannot kill what never dies.

Linx  Lysette

Hat: NX-Nardcotix-Innocence Mae Hat Retro’d

Hair: Lamb-Mono-Butterfly

SKin: Dutch TOuch-Yri-Fudge

Top: Maitreya-SilkNeckTIe Blouse

SKirt: IMbue- Lucca Skirt- HOney

Tights: Mstyle-Dots-BLack

Boots: Maitreya– MEsh Jazz Boots- BLack

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard-Mirror Eyes- Green

Lips: Lelutka– Lola-LIpstick- German Red

Tattoo: GLue INk-Only GOd Can JUdge

Jada Kolda

HAIR- Vive nine-Feuille in Noir (parted)


Skin- EL-Elaiza beach 01

Necklace- DDL The Queen

Jacket-HouseofFox Grey day (Store Coming back Up soon!!)

Free! Amorous Bracelet

Maitreya-Mesh Leggings-Black /Shoes

Vershe– Hip Gloves-Group Freebie

3 thoughts on “I feel Lovely, Just the way I am.

  1. Very sad and unfortunate that I never knew of this person as he seemed like a very down to Earth person. I’m greatly affected by depression and suicide in my family so I know very personally how devastating it can be. This is an awesome post & my thoughts & prayers are extended to his family.

    • Hi Bethy,

      Thank you so much for the support and like i stated in the post if ever you need to talk feel free to e-mail (Itgirl87@gmail.com) or IM me in world(Jada Kolda) , I wish we lived in a world that everyone was accepting of others but the world will never change but we can :), Thank you for youe honesty hopefully others will read it and seek help when they need it -Jada xoxo

  2. You’re quite welcome & that is so true. Wished there were more people that viewed it that way, I think in that case it would less tragedies such as this. There is never anything wrong in asking for help, by doing so that means you’re not as weak as you think…and no matter how gloom things may seem, there will always be people that care and have a helping hand or even a shoulder to listen! Keep up the good work 🙂

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