Mobile Homes & Handcuffs

 I will love you till the end of time

say you’ll never let me go ❤

Hair: Shag -Pussy Galore- butterscotch

Skin: Body co-ORchid-Fair

Shape: Suicidal Doper-Beatrix

Top: Ison– Shear Layered SHirt- Beige

Bottoms –Ninia– Aztec shorts

Necklace- Lagyo-Magnitudo -gold

SHoes: Kookie– Yannis- Mustard

eyes: Insufferable Dastard– MIrror eyes- Green/brown

Bag: House of Fox– The ROman2.o- Nautral

Lips-ShakeUP!-Sasha Lipstick-Oracle TeethB

Moles: Dutch Touch-Moles Add-on

Hair: Lamb-Blush- Ombre

Hat: Entente-Beanie-black

SKin: Laq-Vilda-Peach

Top: FishyStrawberry-Knit Sweater-MIlitary

Under: MilkMOtion-Myeveryday tank -white

Bottom: Nylon OUtfitters– Rosey outlook-green ( collab 88)

Tights; Urbana-Kim Leggings

SHoes: HOuse of FOx-Justice Wedges -Pattern socks

Bag: The Secret Store– Funky Tango Bag-TV

LIpstick: AEMETH-LIquid lipstick


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