4 a.m. Dolphin Music

Top of the morning beautiful people. I’m back with your daily dose of gossip! !

Well well well..Seems like bad girl Linx hasn’t changed her wrongful ways.

Spotted at Pumpkin with none other then hot girl Eskalaviah .

Looks like Eskalaviah is living it up and putting daddy’s

black card to good use, We have to give it to her those *VERSHE*

Clunkers are looking good on her.

Word around town is Linx has her eye on the

one and only Vannak Horacio son to the senator.

My my my by the looks of it Vannak is falling right into her trap.

Don’t believe me look at that Rozoregalia bracelet he purchased

for her !Be very careful Vannak you might be playing with fire

and if you fall into the hands of this rebel

not even daddy will be able to save you.

Looks like Eskalaviah and long term boyfriend

are calling it quits do you guys think Linx

might be a bad influence on our Russian Socialite?

We’ll just have to wait and see till next time xoxo…

Linx Lysette (Conti)

Hair: Lelutka-Adele-Praline

SKin: Essences-Elena-Medium

SHirt: Pumpkin– TankTop

Pants: TresBlah-Juju Jeans  (item at Collab88)

SHoes: Illmatic-Revived barrels-SIlver ( MUST HAVE ITEM!)

Bracelets: Rozoregalia- Hydra Bracelet

Hat: Graph* – Beast (typeB) (Epoch Fair)

Sticky fingers: Fantik Line-skull ring

Jada Kolda (Eskalaviah)

Hair-::Exile:: MIdnight in Paris:Raven
Cardigan--tb– Striped Cardigan (Purple)
Tank Top-SU!- Anywhere Tank Black
Necklace-[ glow ] studio – Rudolf in love necklace [gold]
Bag-HOC Apparel – Hemp Bag (messenger)
Pants-{SMS} Linen Pants Grey
Shoes-*VERSHE* Clunkers: Denim Strips
Socks-\/REMY\/-ScrunchySocks in Native v1
Rings-:::[S]::: Urban Multi Rings /Silver
Earrings:::[S]::: Gold Big Hoops


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