Ms. Bruno Bentley

Hair: Vive NIne-BangedUP Braid- Jet (collab88)

Skin: THe Body Co– Ylang Ylang

Eyeshadow: L.Fauna– SMokey Cat-Black

Top: Remorse– Levis Slim Denim

Jacket: Ison-One Button Blazer- Leopard

Bowtie- EF-Spiffy Bow-Knitted

Bottoms: IMC-Rolled Corduroys-Grey

Shoes: Coco-Oxford Shoes-2tone

Ring/Bracelet: SImplicite– CursemeOut

(YES, lol my ring says “fuck you” and earrings ” SHit/Damn”)

Reek-Slide Socks

Osakki-Hmur Metal Cuff-Copper

Grenade ❤





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