Play the game… The game gets Played.

So back in my elementary days, I had a bully.

She would pick on me all the time, all the way up to JR. High .

I was a pretty bad kid too, but She was huge!!! .. and I was tiny.

Plus Her mother was the Principal .. .. I never understood why she disliked me.

Until one day I met her at the playground, and this time we are Older :> .

.. Of course, I had to confront her and ask the big question WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN??

and the truth came out 😦 ..

SHe was a huge Backstreet Boys Fan and I was a die hard NSYNC girl

It was the battle of Kevin Vs JC

Nick vs Justin

… so instead of us Duking  it out in the monkey bars

WE karaoke our favorite songs on the swing. :>

Zahana ❤ ( my sl Godbaby/Bully)

Hair: Paper Couture– Femme Fatale Bun- Blonde

SKin: Redgrave– Jenny- Tan

Top : Alphavillian – New York Herald Tribune ( Seasons Hunt)

Jacket: Miel– Varsity Jacket- Bright

Bottom: Emery– B Zip- Denim

Kicks: Miel– Varsity Kicks Laced- Natural

Earrings: Ryca– Long chain – Silver

Piercing: Ryca– Lip Piercing / Double -row

Bracelet: Miel – Friendo Bracelet

Nails : SDesigns – #1

Maitreya– Scrunched Socks

GLow Studio – Secret Garden Keys Necklace

Alphavillian– Samuel Glasses ( Tortoise Shell)

Baiastice-Glamour NIght LIps – Dark Rose

 Linx (Pistol)

Hair: Lelutka– Biggest Hair-Syrup

Skin: Laq– Jennie 2- Peach

Top: Priss-SLeepless WInter SHirt- Mustard

Jacket: Coco– Denim Jacket- BonnieBlue

Bottoms: IMbue– Vintage Skirt

Tights: Jolie!– Trinette Brown

SHoes: Leverocci -Laced Up Wedges- Desaturate

Ison– Tribal Print Scarf ( gift)

Hawthorne– The Aviator Bag -Cobalt ( my fav color <3)

Leo-Nt- Diamond Bow rings


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