Keep It Tight, Get It Right

With Rio inching closer and closer to 25 years old, she was on the prowl for a husband. So where does she go you ask? THE PLAYGROUND!

The playground means possible single or divorced men that have 150K or more salaries, 750 credit scores, with NOICE retirement packages! I mean, who cares if he has a kid or two? He can’t be PERFECT!

So with her blood red stilettos on and ass hugging jeans, she strides across the playground, up and down the jungle gym, trying to get noticed. But what she DIDN’T notice, that there were a bunch of nannies there instead of muscular men with careers.

But Rio never gives up, OH NO SHE DOESN’T!

Next time she’ll just go to the local elementary school’s PTA meeting!

Hair/Hat: LeLutka – Breeze Hair – Fire Top

Earrings: BarCode – Cross Earrings

Scarf/Top: Emery – Body Udna + Scarf – Choco

Bracelet: RYCA – Pearl Four Loop – White

Jeans: Armidi – Grace Jeans – Indigo

Shoes: Pixel Mode – Baby T’s – Plain – Blood


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