Sophisticated Ignorance

Damn Rio and Linx! Where the hell you been?!


Linx decided to change Rio’s look cause she was tired of seeing Rio in pearls and heels.

So Rio got her a YEEZY CHAIN and some EXTRA GLAM SHADES with the SPACESHIP COMBAT BOOTS to match!

She was so proud of her sister for accepting change, which made Linx get her FLYY ASS SNAPBACK with her FETCH EAR CHAIN and EXTRA STUPID DOPE KICKS!

When they got home, they decided to try on what they bought. As they stood in the mirror together, they both yelled, “WE LOOK LIKE HOV AND YEEZY!”

After this glorious epiphany, Rio and Linx decided to chop up a Toyota Prius (cause times is hard, yall), and fishtail it in Wal-Mart’s parking lot with 3 fine ass white men in the backseat.


Skin: Novita – Aurora – 02

Hair: Ploom – Valyra II

Top: NSD – Pluttosto Tied Top – White

Bottoms: Blast – Skinny Sarouel Pant

Shoes: Rerty Pump

Vest: Milk Motion – My Navajo Fringe Vest

Earring: iLLMATIC – Diamond Ear Chain

Glasses: Miel – Hipster Peepers

Hairbase: Aitui – Standard

Chain: 2lag – Mixtape Chain

Tattoos: Ink’d Up – Rory

Snapback: Villuminati – Arizona Diamondbacks


Hair: LoQ Hairs – Tequila – Brown

Shades: iLLMATIC – Studded Shades – Red

Earrings: JCNY – Ultra Classic Diamond Studs ICONOCLAST

Chain: Villuminati – Tutankhamun Egyptian Necklace

Jacket: Ricielli – Dylia Leather Jacket – Red

Bodysuit: Ricielli – Iris Body – Metal

Boots: Gos – GTFO Boots – Ice

Lipstick: Mad – Jungle Pack – Leopard


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