Jansports & Pea Coats

So.. Rio went to work today, and left the story telling to me -sighs-

Well, Luckily for you guys  I refuse to do this 😀

Let’s just look at the photos, and I will tell you what I think is going on 😀 .

So It’s the first day of school, Both girls look like their mother took them shopping.

They have on their good threads and ready to make friends.

Rio looks lost and she ran into a tree, and LInx probably will run to her and say something like ” GIRLLLLLL you got knocked the freak out!!! “

Laughing and pointing  Lol :”>  and then she helps Rio up and say ” but you look cute either way, Let’s be friends FO LIFE!”

So They play Skippy, and go to a club, while there they meet Lil Wayne

Both girls end up pregnant for Lil Wayne 🙂 THE END.


Hair: Elikatira – Say 2 – Brown 10

Earrings: Sigma Jewels – Baquette Earrings

Scarf: Mr. Poet – Wide Scarf

Coat: COCO – Mods Coat Brown

Bag: Modd G – Dave Rucksack – Girls

Sweater: MAGIC NOOK – Afternoon Sweater – Dark Pink

Jeans: Armidi – Grace Jeans – Indigo

Boots: N-Core – Luxury XtremeHeel II – Black


Skin: Pink Fuel – Elly – Chai

Hair: BooN – IUN507 – Chestnut

Dress: Prissy – Parker Dress – Stripey

Jacket: Pivaac – Pea Coat – Navy

Boots: Kookie – Armarda – Dark Choco

Bag: Magi Take – Suitcase – Brown

Tights: Jolie! – Arque Tights

Scarf – Adjunct – Fall Colors Snood Scarf

Ring 1: House of Fox – Forever Young Ring

Ring 2: Mons – Elegance Ring

Earrings: Glow Studio – Lil Bow Earrings

Ps. NO girls really would do Lil Wayne.. 😦 he Yucky.


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