There Goes the Neighborhood!

Rio pushes open both doors to welcome Linx and her daughter Carmen into her new home.

She says, “Girrrrrrl! I’ve moved on up out of my double wide and into a REAL house!”

Linx hugs her tight and responds, “Oh my gooooooodness! this is NOICE!  I’m so glad you moved because I was getting sick of going to the trailer park every weekend.” Carmen mutters, “And I was getting sick of smelling like fried chicken every time I left yo house, TiTi.”

Linx hears Carmen and slaps her on the back of her head.

Then Rio says, “COME ON IN YALL!”


Headband: chuculet – Pearls Ribbon – Gold

Hair: lamb – Babys On Fire – Chocolate Bars Pack – Butterfinger

Earrings: JCNY – ICONOCLAST Diamond Studs

Necklace: chuculet – Ina Pearl Necklace – Cream

Jacket: Ricielli – Lindsay Coat – Dancing Queen

Dress: Elate – Belle – Blush

Ring: glow studios – Pearl Goddess Rings – White

Leggings: Peqe – Blender Tights

Shoes: Gos – Dare Booties – Black

Skin: Exodi – Sylvan – Lumiere – 17

Lip Gloss: Glamorize – Simply Glossy – 04


Skin: Novita – Nova – 02

Hair: love – Nola – Brown

Top: Ison – Shoulderless Cropped Sleeve – Cream

Bottom: Emery – Short Leather Mischa – Khaki

Jacket: mon tissu – Porter Jean Jacket – Light (edited)

Shoes: Anexx – Fringe Wester Boots – Camel

Belt: Remy – Sancha Belt – Coco

Tights: Jolie – Edenish Floral Tights (Only $5L!)

To see What Lil Carmen has on.. Watch out for the next post!!

To be Continued….. 😀

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