I will never have to fight again.. I fell in love with a toy solider.

So Rihanna becoming the most followed person on twitter,

Her amazing style, and Her entertaining performances..

I had to Make a look inspired by her.. specially

because 69 got this awesome hair out as a freebie 😀

Tall glass of koolaid.

OMG also.. I went to get these awesome nude shoes by fashionably dead.. so i decided to stop at Yummy(nylon outfitters) and I saw this necklace with the little sewing maching and scissors.. 😀 super cute.

Skin: Pxl-Gaia-Sunkiss

Hair: 69-Mia-Dark Rouge (free)

Top: Shampooo-Vintage T-shirt-Black

Tutu: NO-Inner Ballerina

Shoes: FD-Buckle Heel- Clam

Vest: Milk Motion-My admiral Vest

Headband: Duboo-I LOve MY jeans

Necklace: Yummy-Creator Charms – Fashion Design

Nails: Mystle-Long Nails-Mint Candy

Shades: Shade Throne-Natalie


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