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She completely steals the show with that gorgeous face! :3


Linx Lysette 1

Hair: Vive Nine- Strong Winds Pony ( Old Item)

Skin: The Skin Shop- Kandy

Top: Faun- Cuffed Crop Top ( Kustom9 4-15)

Bottom: Ryvolter: Sonja Pencil SKirt

Shoes: Esque- Blair Sandals

Earrings: Paper Couture- Stone Hammered

Bag: Deadwool- Mercury Handbag ( TMD)


Linx Lysette 2

Hair:MaiOwn- Cora ( Season’s Story)

Skin: The Skin Shop-Kandy

Top: Teefy- Bella Ruffles Camisole

Bottom: Ison-pleated midi (Collabor 88)

Jacket: Coco- Jacket Over Shoulder (Fameshed)

Shoes: Ryvolter- Nastasya Suede

Glasses: Dirtymind- Round Cherub

Ring: Shi- Eye Ring

Bag: Esque- Carry Clutch


Hair: Spellbound

Top:Teefy (FLF)

Bottom- Villena(TMD)

Shoes & Clutch -CO57 

Watch: DDL

Tattoo: Hiatus 

I can tell you are for real


A few current favorites from Rio, Enjoy ladies!!

 Rio 1

Weave: Spellbound - Nahara – Natural Ombres and Dips

Top: Emery – Joy T-Shirt – Latte (FaMESHed)

Jeans: Paperbag – The Boyfriend – Dark 2

Shoes: Ison - Two-Tone Wedge – Tan

Glasses: Yummy - Quinn Frames – Black

Dog: Birdy – Bat Dog (The Mens Dept)

Phone: VCO - Bunny Phone – Rare 3 (Gatcha)

Rio 2

Weave: Spellbound – Medusa – Natural Ombres & Dip Dyes

Skin: The Skinnery – Valerie Skin – Toffee 3 (The Chapter Four Gatcha Room)

Blazer: The Secret Store -Structured Blazer – Navy

Dress: Herve Faenzo – Silk Flare Dress – Cayenne (Collabor88)

Shoes: Co57 – Valentina Pumps – Cheetah

Necklace: Paper Couture – Knotted Snake Chain Necklace

Bracelet: Lethal – Rolex Ring & Bracelet Set

Bag: House of Fox – The Roman 2.0 – Natural

Rio 3

Weave: Spellbound – Ellie – Natural Ombres & Dip Dyes

Top: House of Fox – Spring Crop – Cream (Collabor88)

Skirt: NYU – High Waist Skirt – Black (FaMESHed)

Shoes: Reign – Buckled Pumps – Aztec

Hat: House of Fox – Roller Hat – Black

Shades: Herve Faenzo – Bold Sunglasses – Sand (Collabor88)

Earrings: Epoque – Pearl Fret Earrings – Gold

Necklace: Ison – Deer Bolo Tie – Black (Past Arcade Item)

Clutch: Lagyo – Maylea Clutch Bag – Light Blue (Collabor88)

Bracelet: Epoque – Abrasive Cuff – Gold

Cutie Moon Fair pt. 1


:3 The Cutie Moon Fair is EVERYTHING!!!

and EVERYTHING is Cutie Moon Fair.



Hair:Wasabi Pills – Chibi Mesh Hair ( Cutie Moon Fair)

Skin: TheSkinnery- Quiana/ Fairy Tone ( we <3 Rp)

Dress: Ur Favorite Ones- Sailor Chibi Moon Dress ( Cutie Moon Fair)

Socks: Atomic- Scout Stockings ( Cutie Moon Fair)

Shoes: Heels ( Cutie Moon Fair) 

Glasses: Sorgo-Akira

Computer: Mish Mish – Cutie Moon/ Computer ( Cutie Moon Fair)

Face Tattoo: Okkbye- Moon Bindi ( Cutie Moon Fair)

Eyebrows: Soiree- Ariel Brows ( Skin Fair Item)

Earrings/ Hair Clips: Wimey- Earrings / hairclips Rares ( Cute Moon Fair)  

Cardigan: Tram- Ji Cardigan


Hair: Olive- the Rosie Moon Hair  ( Cutie Moon Fair)

Skin: Fiore- Latte Spf15

Jacket: Coco- Jacket Over Shoulders ( Fameshed)

Dress: BCC- Baby Moon Dress ( Cutie Moon Fair)

Shoes: Co57- Valentina Naked ( Cutie Moon Fair) 

Leg Tattoo: Neo- Moon Light/Diana 1 ( Cutie Moon Fair)

Eyeliner: Fleshtone -Night Glam ( old Item)

Tote: Lagyo- Mackenzie Tote Bag <3

Necklace: Yummy- Sofia Pearls

Hairclip: Wimey- Moon Clips Rare ( Cutie Moon Fair)

Kitty Moon: Birdy/Alchemy – Lunar Kitten ( Cutie Moon Fair)


NyvaTonesWhen I put this skin on it instantly made me think of Ginger Spice from Spice Girls.

I Love the new Nyva skin from Modish, and it’s found at The Skin Fair of course.

The skin comes in 8 tones ( Cream, Dune, Mocha, Peach, Beach,Honey,Caramel and Terra.)

It also has Appliers for Slink’s hands and feet, Lolas,Phat azz/Cute azz & Perfect Bum.

Modish 1

Skin: Modish-Nyva – Cream

Hair: Clawtooth- Business Time ( Collabor88)

Top: Kitja Cherie- Blouse with Sweater

Earring: Olive- the Cycle Cycle Earring

Book: Commoner- Photo Album ( past Arcade Item)

Modish 2

Skin: Modish- Nyva-Dune

Hair: Vanity Hair- Say my Name

Top: Ryvolter- Cotton Jersey Tank

Jacket: House of Fox- Satin Bomber

Bow: Remarkable oblivion- Briar Bow

Shades: Dirtymind- Round Cherub ( Kustom 9)

Necklace: Illmatic- double figaro

Modish 3

Skin: Modish- Nyva- Peach

Hair: Little Bones- Schism

Top: Esque- Xyn Crop

Bottoms: Milk Motion- Tuxedo pants

Necklace- Lagyo- Gravitas

Hat: Rabu- Leather Fedora

Modish 4

Skin: Modish- Nyva- Honey

Hair: Little Bones: Eden ( Chapter 4)

dress: Ddl- For Reasons Unknown

Cardigan: Tokidoki-Summer Nights

Necklace: Dirtymind-Syrus


Skin:Modish- Nyva-Caramel

Hair: Taketomi - Namie

Top: Tres Blah- Preppy Sweater

Headband: Lethal Couture- Pussy &lace

Trophy: Commoner – STatuette Label Whore ( The Arcade)

The Skin Fair 2014 - modish

New Faces – Lyandra & Faye


New Faces <3 .. What can I say? They are just so pretty to look at.

She released 2 skins at The Skin Fair , Lyandra & Faye, both skins come in 5 tones- Pale, Ivory, Olive, Summer & Mocha.

She gives you options for eyebrows (or no eyebrows) and hairbases ( Black, Blonde,Brown &Red)

The skins also has appliers for Slink’s hands and feet.


Lyandra 1

Skin: New Faces- Lyandra -Ivory

Hair: Dela-Lilya

Top: Ison-Work It Blazer ( Collabor 88)

Hat: Enfant Terrible- Bowler Hat ( The Arcade)

Necklace: MG-Sugar Heart

Eyes: Marina - Glacier

Lyandra 2

Skin: New Faces-Lyandra- Olive

Hair: Maitreya- Aisha

Top: Ison-Leather Shape Corset

Armor- Enfant Terrible- Decor Armor

Headpiece- Random Matter- Kellhauled

Eyes: Marina- Payson Eyes

Faye 1

Skin: New Faces- Faye-Summer

Hair: Truth – Lolita ( Collabor 88)

Top: Milk Motion- Cropped Shirt ( Collabor 88)

Ears: Y&R-Bunny ears

Earrings: Lagyo-Miranda ( The Arcade)

Eyes: Marina- Payson Eyes

Faye 2

Skin: New Faces- Faye – Mocha

Hair:Milana- Jayna

Mask: Tee*fy- Sleepy Panda Sleeping Mask

Top:Satrdys-Tokyo Oversized Sweater

Panties: Dirty Mind- Human Nature

Eyes: Marina

The Skin Fair 2014 - Newfaces



Ava Grau’s Tian Skin from Glance is simply gorgeous. I’m in love with the

full lips and perfect nose. The skin comes in 8 tones , from super light  to a beautiful dark chocolate.

And for the ladies who wear Slink’s hands and feet, the skin comes with appliers for that and the Lolas.

Each tone comes with the options of blonde or black eyebrows.


Skintone 1

Skin: Glance- Tian

Hair: Chemistry- Buttons

Jacket: Mons0- My Oversize Bomber ( Fameshed) 

Hairband- Enfant Terrible – Hairband Tokyo ( The Arcade)

Bindi- Nylon Outfitters 

Eyes: Mayfly-Luminous – Molasses

Skintone 3

Skin/lips: Glance-Tian

Hair: Little Bones- Awful Sound- Toxi ( Group Gift)

Top: Ison- Leather Biker Vest ( The Men’s Dept)

Eyes: Mayfly -Luminous- Molasses

Skintone 5

Skin/Lips: Glance- Tian

Hair: D!va-Yuri3

Headband: Lust Creations- Bubble Goth Headbands (Luck of the Irish Gacha) 

Top: The Sinner Crossroads-Oracle Tee

Bottom: Mon Tissu- Floral Lingerie

Eyes: Mayfly- Luminous Molasses

Freckles: tres blah

Skintone 7

Skin/lips: Glance-Tian

Hair: Analog Dog-Trouble Clef

Top: Ricielli- Satin Top

Coat: Belgravia- Lila Fur ( Closing Sale ) :(

Necklace/Ring: Yummy ( Ring is at The Arcade)

Moles: Mijn Botique <3 

Eyebrows on Skt5 – The Shops

The Skin Fair 2014 - Map - Sim 2

Skin Fair 2014


Hey guys! So Skin Fair 2014 is getting near, and these are my top 3 fav picks from this year’s round!

Glance’s Aina by Ava Grau is simply stunning! The lips are perfect and the brows are just snatched.

This skin gives a sort of angelic look with the doe like eyes.

Nena Janus’ Erin from League in my opinion has a sultry, vixen type look. The lips are nice and plump which makes them VERY kissable!

Last, but certainly not least, is Umazuma Metaluna’s Quiana from The Skinnery.

The nose on this skin is everything. It’s not too big, or too small which makes it perfect for the other features this skin displays.

Plus I have a soft spot for button noses!

I hope you guys enjoy my picks for this year’s Skin Fair!



Rio 1

Weave: Clawtooth – Business Time – Red Eye Flight (Collabor88)

Skin: The Skinnery – Quiana – Bare Face – Toffee (Skin Fair 2014)

Top: Tee*fy – Marlene Blouse – Black/Scarlet (Collabor88)

Skirt: Tee*fy – Marley Skirt – Noir (Collabor88)

Shoes: Ingenue – Lillian Heels – Navy (Collabor88)

Earrings: Epoque - Pearl Fret Earring – Gold

Bag: Noodles – Sasha Studded Bag – Navy/Gold (Collabor88)

Rio 2

Weave: Diva – Manon – Citrine

Skin: Glance – Aina – SKT05 (Skin Fair 2014)

Eyeshadow: Glance – Aina – SKT05 – 01 (Skin Fair 2014)

Lipgloss: Glance – Aina – SKT05 – 04 (Skin Fair 2014)

Nails: Shakeup! Cosmetics – Nail Lacquer – Fruits

Cardigan: Offbeat – Spring Cardigan (Gatcha) – 09 (The Chapter 4)

Collar/Sleeves: Offbeat – Spring Cardigan Add Shirt – 08 (The Chapter 4)

Skirt: The Secret Store – Annie Pencil Skirt – Black Polka

Shoes: Mango Cheeks – Recherche Heels – Slate (The Chapter 4)

Clutch: Milk Motion – Owl Minaudiere Clutch – Gold/Flowers

Earrings: Dirty Mind – Vintage Rope Door Knockers – Gold

Rio 3

Weave: Lamb – Prety Little Neighbor – Kit Kat (Collabor88)

Skin: League – Erin – Medium Natural Brunette (Skin Fair 2014)

Freckles: League – Erin (Skin Fair 2014)

Dress: House of Fox – Liv Dress – Oxblood (Collabor88)

Blazer: Emery – Tuxedo Blazer Clara – Navy 2 (Collabor88)

Earrings: Epoque – Pearl Fret Earring – Gold

Belt: Boom – Lynx Skinny Belt – Ebony

Necklace: Lagyo – Mackenzie Necklace – Gold (Collabor88)

Shoes: Eudora3D – Weston Pumps


Infamous Lord



 Linx and Rio are on the run! The Colombian Cartel, lead by “Mikey”, is on their asses!

They just landed in Miami, and they are hightailing it to their secluded trap house DEEEEEP in the backwoods!

Rio states, “Mikey ain’t never gonna forget this! He’s about to have his men looking for us!”

Linx replies, “Well we’ll deal with them when they come.

In the meantime, let’s count all this cash!” Rio and Linx have made the biggest coke drop of their lives.





Items at the Arcade: 

Aisling- Bric-a-Brac Desk -Pencil Pot

Aisling- Bric-a-Brac Desk -Coffee

Apple Fall- Slip Cover Chair

Consignment – Traveler’s Desk (rare)

Consignment- Traveler’s Desk -Jubilees Travels

Consignment – Traveler’s Desk-Camera


Sorgo – Euros Stack 200e /Pile of Euros Stack

Sorgo-Passport Pile A/B

Sorgo-Leather Gloves

Sorgo-Silent 11.43 ( Rare)

Sorgo-Bag of Euros ( Rare)

Items not from the Arcade:

Licence Plates : Love To Decorate – Apple Fall ( Group GIft)

Pen: Oyasumi- Black Fountain Pen

Takeout: Apple Fall- Chinese ( Old Group Gift)

Glasses: Sorgo- Issa display

Glasses Case: Adjunct Eyewear- Leather Case

Cam: Aitui- Sweiss Cam

Sniper: Mesh Prefabs& stuff- Mk-17

Skybox: Barnesworth Anubis-stockholm attic skybox