Good Vs Evil


We wanted to do a modern Little Mermaid look without going overboard.

Big Thanks to Vain for being the Ariel to my Ursula!! <3


Vain Redrose  ( For More Looks ) 

Hair: Olive – The Ocean Hair-  ( The Arcade) 

Skin/Lips: The Skin Shop

Top: Baiastice – Caged top ( Collabor 88) 

Bottom: Rebel Gal- High Times Maxi Skirt

Waist Shirt: Amitomo ( The Chapter Four) 

Shoes: co57- Khloe Pump ( Kustom 9)

Necklace: Glam Affair- Amelie ( Collabor 88) 

Flounder: AMU-The Flounder

Glasses: Sorgo- Euh Shades

Tattoo: Hiatus- Lotus

Cigarette- Pink Monkey

Henna: MoonAmore- diamond Eye

Bindi: Whatever- Pearldrop Bindi

Linx Lysette

Hair: Fiore- Alanna Flip

Skin: The Skin Shop

Top: Mb- Uma Leather Crop

Bottom Pixicat- The Dark Skirt

Shoes: Dirty Princess- Attention Couture Princess

Headband:  Tea.S- Tentacle Headband

Necklace: Lagyo- Shell Necklace

Bag: Swallow- Killer Clutch

ArmCuff: Ryvolter- Lua Arm Bracelet

Polyp Prop: Characteristics

About A Week Agoooo


It’s been a LONG while since Pearls & Pistols has done a post that focused on just one piece,

buuuuuuut here it is! For Linx, it’s Ricielli’s Black Leather Jacket

and for Rio it’s Ryvolter’s Golden Xylia Knot Bag.

Both pieces are impeccably made, make bold statements.

Linx and Rio take both pieces and completely make them their own.

They hope you love the jacket and the bag as much as they loved styling them!


Linx & Rio



Rio 1

Hair: Fiore – Roux Hair – Ombres

Lipstick: Just Magnetized - Bonny Lipstick – Peach – 04

Coat/Top: Diram – Gabby Coat & Shirt – White

Pants: Rowne -Shiu Trousers – Oxblood

Glasses: Jairaj – Round Framed Shades (Coming Soon!)

Bag: Ryvolter – Xylia Knot Bag – Golden

Shoes: Co57 – Aventura Bootie – Arena (Collabor88)


Rio 2

Hair: Tulip – Claire – Ombres

Top: Mai Bilavio – Karmen Studio Crp – Crimson

Skirt: Kitja Cherie – Abbie Skirt – Black (Kustom 9)

Bubblegum: Lagyo – Strawberry Glitter (Collabor88)

Necklace: Ison – Deer Bolo Tie (Past Arcade Item)

Bag: Ryvolter – Xylia Knot Bag – Golden

Shoes: Co57 – Xiah Wildlife Collection – Giraffe Brown (The Showroom)


Hat: Lamb

Hair: Little Bones- Pagan ( Chapter Four) 

Skin: The Skin Shop- Chocolata

Dress: Tres Blah- Oversized Tank

Jacket: Ricielli- Leather Jacket

Necklace: Yummy-Diving crystals

Rings: Faun-Multi Rings ( The Swag Fest 2) 

Shoes: Faun-= Michi Flatform

Bag: Lagyo- Morgan Clutch (Collabor 88) 

Waist Shirt: Amitomo ( Chapter Four) 

Hair: Little Bones- Glass Leaf ( Chapter Four)

Skin: The Skin Shop- Chocolata

Jacket: Ricielli- Leather Jacket

Top: Coco- Sleeveless Blouse

Overalls: Amitomo- Skinny Salopette

Shoes: Co57- Aventura Bootie ( Collabor 88)

Glasses: Meisu- Slice Glasses

Books: Milk Motion – Library Book ( The Arcade)

bag: Emery- Uber Bag


Golden Pearl


Vive Nine Ryvolter Resort Collection 2014

To view their promo video <3


Outfit 1 (L)

Hair: Boon- Aan330

Jacket: Ryvolter- Ola Shoulder Tuxedo Blazer ( New)

Top: Seul – Breeze Top Nude ( New)

Bottom: Ryvolter – Kasia Vinyl Skirt ( New)

Shoes: Rowne- Erix Pumps ( New)

nosering: Enfant Terrible- Moonchild ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Necklace: Lagyo- Avernal

Outfit 2 ( M)

Hair: Homage- Behind the Wheel

Top:Ryvolter – Shei Oversized Crop Top ( New)

Bottom:Ryvolter – Lieve Satin Trousers ( New)

Shoes: CO57- Xiah Sandal

Bag: Ryvolter- Cora ( New)

Crown: Enfant Terrible- Moon of LIfe ( old Gacha Item)

Bracelet: Mandala ( Collabor 88) 

Outfit 3 ( R)

Hair: Little Bones- Crosseyed ( Swag Fest COMING SOON)

Top: Ryvolter- Lana Draped Tube ( New)

Bottom: Ryvolter-  Alena Stretch Jersey ( New)

Shoes: Ryvolter – Bruna Flames ( New)

Clutch: Lagyo- Malika

Necklace: Lagyo- Wanda

On all 3

Skin: TheSkinShop- Chocolata

Lips: The Skin Shop- Juicy

Eyebrows: Tsg- Bunny Brow

Eyes: Id-Deep Eyes

Greek Salad


We are a little late, but we finally got into the Collabor 88 event yesterday :/ ..

Everything was so amazing!!! So I understand why it took forever to get in.



Weave: Fiore – Isabel Hair – Ombres

Skin: New Faces – Faye – Summer

Nails: Figure – Shadow Nails Set (The Showroom)

Bolero: Ison – Divine Bolero – Navy (Collabor88)

Corset: Ison – Leather Shape Corset – Sand

Pants: Rowne – Shiu Trousers – White (Collabor88)

Shoes: Co57 – Khloe Pump – Rosegold (Kustom 9)

Earrings/Necklace: Mandala – Odyssey Jewelry Set – Artemis – White (Collabor88)


Hair: Lelutka-Athena

Skin: Glance- Tian

Dress: Tres Blah – Artemis Dress(Collabor88)

Shoes: Enfant Terrible -Metallic Heels (la Metallique Fair) 

Jewelry- Shi- Tree of Life(Collabor88)

Arrows: Lagyo- Metis Arrow(Collabor88)

LIp Layer: The Skin Shop – hollywood

Eyebrows: The Skin Shop

Miami Night Life: Neon Lights


This post is bringing you all late 80s, Miami Vice teas. Love the colors, all the bright neons… it’s so much fun! There’s a new event in town called The Showroom, so take this taxi and check it out!


Rio 1

Weave: Lamb – Nothing – Dark Brown Pack (Hair Fair)

Lipstick: Shakeup! Cosmetics – Natsumi Lipsticks Summer Edition – 04 (Cosmetic Fair Beach Party)

Top: American Beauty – Coral Tank (The Showroom)

Skirt: Gato – Neon Cake – Skirt 3 (The Showroom)

Shoes: Co57 – Avenue Neon Remix Pack – Electro/Cream (The Showroom)

Shades: Lethal – Polygon Shades – Black (The Showroom)

Necklace: 7891 – Hage Cross Necklace – Gold

 Rio 2

Weave: Taketomi – Athena – Browns – 05

Lipstick: Shakeup! Cosmetics – Natsumi Lipsticks Summer Edition –  08 (Cosmetic Fair Beach Party)

Dress: Wayne – Neon Dress – Ocean (The Showroom)

Bag: Lagyo – Malika Clutch – Fuxia

Shoes: Co57 – Valentina Neon Remix Pack – Hola-Gram/Neon Pink (The Showroom)

 Rio 3

Weave: Homage – Behind The Wheel – Chocolate City

Lipstick Shakeup! Cosmetics -Natsumi Lipstick Summer Edition – 05 (Cosmetic Fair Beach Party)

Top: Layover – Caged Bralette – Neon Green (The Showroom)

Skirt: American Beauty – Coral Pencil Skirt (The Showroom)

Shoes: Ricielli – Pigalle Spiked – Turquoise (The Showroom)

Earrings: Co57 – YSL Vintage Earrings – Gold (Not Available)

Bag: Lethal – Lil’ Bunny Bag – Blue



Quick LOTD .. featuring items from some of the events going on right now.

The Show Room, Kustom 9 and the Okinawa Summer Festival.

ShowKustom HowL

Mikey Lerintzo 

Shirt : RONSEM-  T-Side Slit

Bookbag : Howl-  Papi Backpack  *Rare* ( Okinawa Summer Fest )

Pants : Pumpkin – Sweat pants

Shoes : Nikotin- Split Rock *Rare*

Hair: Action-Paul

Linx Lysette

Hat: Milk Motion-Cat Beanie ( rare)

Hair: Pr!tty- Yoon ( The ShowRoom)

Skin: Fiore- Latte

Top: Rebel Gal- Game Over Tee ( Kustom 9)

Bottom: Ryvolter-Nappa Leather Joggers

Shoes: Fr- Zoe Platform ( The ShowRoom)

Bag: Co57- Kyle Bkpk (Kustom 9)

Watch: Faun- Summer Essentials ( L’accessories)

Collar: Eaters Coma- Denim Collar

Rings: Ison- Tribe Ring ( Collabor 88) 

Lagyo-Malika ( Collabor 88)

Hair Fair 2014 – Rowne




Ladies, ladies, ladies! Rowne’s first hair line… and it’s amazing! The textures, colors, and styles compliment each other so well. All four are available at The Hair Fair 2014. Don’t meet us there, BEAT us there!

Hair 1

Weave: Rowne – Gisela – Light Blondes

Top: Kitja Cherie – Criss T-Shirt – White (The Season Story)

Bottom: Kitja Cherie – Suspender Skirt – Green (The Season Story)

Bow: Lagyo - Mary Bow Bandana – Pack 1 – Tropicana

Phone: VCO – Bunny Phone – Rare 3


Hair 2

Weave – Rowne – Asta – Reds

Top – Ison – Nova Tribe Jacket – Navy

Bottom: Emery – Skirt Gothenburg – Burlap (Fameshed)

Clutch – Lagyo – Malika Clutch – Lime (Collabor88)

Hair 3

Weave: Rowne – Marit – Dark Browns

Top: Emery – Crop Top Feroe – Nude (Fameshed)

Skirt: Rowne – Gal Pencil Skirt – Red

Bracelet Epoque – Abrasive Cuff – Gold

Necklace: Lagyo – Malika Horn Necklace (Collabor88)

Hair 4

Weave: Rowne – Sonja – Achromatics

Dress: House of Fox – Tunic Dress – Coral (Not Available)

Hat: Mon Tissu – Feather Wrapped Fedora – Beige

Necklace: Yummy –  Miss Havisham’s Broken Heart

Bag: Mon Tissu – Weekend Traveler – Camel

All Avis

Skin: Glance – Aina – SKT05 (Skin Fair)

Lipstick: Glance Aina – SKT05 (Skin Fair)

Hair Fair- Fiore


Like, You dont get how long I been waiting for Vive Nine to release  hair again!

It’s so gorgeous and simple. I love it!


Hair 1

Fiore-  Alanna 

Outfit- Faenzo- Blair by Steffen Garcia

necklace: Lagyo- Savanna

Hair 2

Fiore- Isabel

Dress: Vive Nine- Helena Side Slit Tank ( The Season’s Story)

Headpiece: Lagyo- Avernal

Hair 3

Fiore- Tien

Dress: Leveroci- Orchid ( n/a)

mask: Lagyo- Malika Decor ( Collabor 88)

On all 3

Skin: Fiore- Latte

Bindi: Amaya- Lulwa

Lips : The Shops – Flirtatious

Hair Fair 2014 -Little Bones


Our first post for the Hair Fair will be of Nova Faerye’s store named  Little Bones.

I absolutely love every style and I wanted to show the amazing color range.


Hair 1 Littles Bones- Breathe 

Top: Mon Ami – Dot Ribbon Rare – (Oh My Gacha )

Bottom: Tee* Fy – Layla Wrapped Skirt

Neckalce: Lagyo- Malika Statement ( Collabor 88)

Arm Cuff: Vive nine- Lua Arm Bracelet ( Season’s Story)

Hair 2

Little Bones- Glow

Top: Tee*Fy- Lenka Bralet

Bottom: Fashionably Dead- Safari SHorts ( Collabor 88)

Harness: May’s Soul’s- Snake Harness

Hair 3

Little Bones-Pavilion

Jacket: Emery- Overshirt Paltrow

Shirt: Tres Blah- Tied Up Tank

Bottoms: Villena- Chinos

Necklace: Mandala- Shamira Dog Tag

Hair 4

Little Bones- The Bay 

Outfit: Faun- Eva Structured Blazer

On all 4 Avis

SKin: Fiore- Latte

Lipstick: Glance- Matte Lips

Bindi- Nylon Outfitters- Bindi

Hairbase: Homage 

This Is Rowne.

This Is Rowne

Linx and I are delighted to be apart of the release of Rowne! A wonderful collaboration between 

co-owners Fashionboi Landar and Justice Topaz, with Couleur Latoe joining the design team, t

his is just a snapshot of more to come from this design house. Rowne will feature hair, clothing and accessories.

The Grand Opening will be Saturday, June 28th at 12pm SLT. Here’s your taxi!

Also, to see the full collection please feel free to visit!


Linx & Rio



Rio 1

Weave: Exile – Lazy Summer Days – Naturals

Lipstick: Shakeup! Cosmetics – Rio Lipstick – L208

Top: Rowne – Athe Sweater – White  (New!!!!)

Pants: Rowne – Lyn Trousers – White (New!!!!)

Glasses: Yummy – Anouk Glasses

Necklace: Paper Couture – Simplicity

Clutch: Rowne – Valor 2-Tone Clutch – Oxblood/Sienna (New!!!!)

Shoes: Rowne – Atrix Pumps – Oxblood(New!!!!)

Linx Lysette 1 

Hair: E- Conclusion

Skin: Glance Skins- Aina

Top: Rowne- Xia Leather Jacket (New!!!!)

Pants: Rowne- Chleo Leather Pants (New!!!!)

Shoes: Ryvolter- Olena Pumps

Shades: Candydoll-Glamour Sunglasses

Bag: Lagyo-Mackenzie Tote


 Rio 2

Weave: Lamb – Ghost – Chocolate Bars – Kit Kat

Top: Rowne -Minou Leather Jacket (New!!!!)

Bottoms: Rowne – Gal Pencil Skirt(New!!!!)

Earrings: Epoque – Pearl Fret Earrings – Gold

Bag: Faenzo – Leather Shoulder Bag – Obsidian

Shoes: Co57 – Roxanne – Leather Licorice

 Linx Lysette 2

Hair:Lelutka -Lana

Skin: Fiore- Latte

Fur: Ryvolter- Devon Rabbit Fur

Top: Rowne- Paul Structured Blouse(New!!!!)

Bottom: Rowne- Gal Pencil Skirt  (New!!!!)

Shoes: Rowne- Atrix Pumps(New!!!!)

Earrings: Co 57 -Ysl ( n/a)

Hairbase: Just Magnetized -Natural Hairbase